I knew you were trouble when you walked in. But shame on me now. Took me to places I’ve never been but now, I’m lying on the cold hard ground.

You know, I was going to rant. But today was a good day and in fact the past few days have been good with the exception of Friday night when I was just so out of it. Anyway, that post is gone because I don’t feel that way anymore. Okay I have a lot to say so first things first, I kinda stopped with the whole origami thing.. I made many more during September holidays and elearning week but I was too lazy to blog about it and then school started so I stopped making altogether. Anyways,


End of exams. Woohoo and all that. Went to vivo city. Quite annoyed until the movie. After that it was fun. Saw taken 2. It is was not as good as taken 1. Kinda disappointed. Popcorn throwing thingy was fun. Then we went to cold storage and vivo mart and giant. They were making puns out of everything. It was punny and funny 😀 Heh then we went to giant where my glasses were stolen for abit and they tried to trick me into going on the wrong escalator. BUT HAVE NO FEAR, I WENT ON THE RIGHT ONE 😀 Erm then we went to have some ice cream. I had peanut butter with wei yee. It was nice 😀 Seriously yummy. Erm then we went home. Yay . It was a good day or afternoon rather.


Wei Lynn’s house – Movie Marathon. Met at nex and then went shopping where Alison had to buy her ham 😀 So funny~ We bought too much food.Saw the ending to Drag Me To Hell. Finally. And then we saw some of Black Swan which was just gross okay. I can’t believe we watched that. My eyes. Then we decided on Harry Potter because really, how can you not watch Harry Potter in a movie marathon? Oh we tried to bake. I cannot even begin to tell you how fail that was. They were so mushy. So mushy. And then after awhile, they were so hard. So hard. The cookies. They look monstrous.


Today I went all the way to Juroung East MRT station. 20 STOPS. 20 STOPS. Okay then there was no place to sit and yeah they were 2 guys that occupied like 3 seats you know. Like they sat in the middle and occupied extra seats. Was so pissed. But nevermind , I slept all the way to outram where I met my her. YESH HER.  and yeah. Erm lunch at Kopitiam and then ice skating. Ice skating was funny .

Fall count:

Yaali – NONE.

Me – 1 but then I couldn’t get up and kinda fell 2 more times. It was quite funny actually if you were watching not actually falling.

Joy – 3 or 4 or 5. We both can’t remember. But she fell with class.

Wei Yee – 3 times.

Heh but it was fun (: My teaching skills were awesome 😀 Heh Yaali hardly held the sides though she kinda walked instead of skated.  I have like bruises and cuts 😦 They hurt. Then erm we got out and went to watch people . THAT WAS SO SO FUNNY I CANNOT. THERE WAS THIS CUTE BOY WHO KEPT FALLING. I SWEAR HE WAS SO CUTE. HE WAS LIKE 5(?) OR SMTHG AND HE WAS USING THE PENGUIN.HE KEPT SLIDING. SO FUNNY. Actually everyone who fell were really funny… haha. Then I went home. I had no where to sit and I was standing and squashed. It is as though we are molecules you know, being squashed together in matter. Overall, today was a good good day and I had alot of fun with Wei Yee, Yaali and Joy 😀 They are good friends (:

Lunch at a new Italian Restaurant, I went a while back with my family.

Food 😀

Starters ^ Mozeralla Cheese and Tomato and Dressing. YUM -MY

Spaghetti 😀 Ham and Cheese, Pink Sause  spaghetti. So delicious.


The best dessert ever. Pistachio Tiramisu. Yeah doesn’t sound that nice but it is heaven. It is rated as the best tiramisu in Singapore. So so nice. I really crave it now. We all had like 2 and we finished both under 10 minutes. Dead serious.

Okay. Really long post . Be proud of me:D


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