You tell me your life’s been way off line. You’re falling to pieces every time.

Two posts in the span of 3 days. Not bad I must say 😀

I totally forgot what I wanted to blog about but lets give this a shot. So, I have started packing. Slow and steady wins the race huh? But I think the coolest thing about clearing up is finding things you thought were missing or that you never knew you had. I found this super cool magic set that I owned. Apparently I got it for my birthday and it cost $72.90. I completely forgot all about it but heh I used to my heart’s content and it seems that I even put up a magic show with my sister for my parents. OH WOW I WAS A MAGICIAN. Simran the Magician. Huh, a new career choice I can consider. But anyways, I really need to go shopping for my new room. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to decorate my room. I was thinking about putting up lanterns and other than that I’m lost. I think it’ll be easier to know how I want to decorate my room after I have moved it cause then I’ll know precisely how my room exactly looks. My parents have allowed you guys to come over for a sleepover. You know the first weekend of July.It’s a long weekend because of Youth Day. My birthday is on the 1st so my parents don’t mind as yet. But they have been pretty hot and cold lately so who knows, they might change their mind.

Ah, another thing.  Friends with people with so many friends. It’s not their fault. Definitely not their fault. But, you always have that doubt on whether or not you are just one of the many  friends that they have or do you actually mean something to them. Are you one of the many people that they have this same conversation with? It’s like they are your close friend but they may not even consider you to be their close friend. Does that make sense? Idk.

Okay, well I’m in a good mood today so I don’t really want to write so much about that. I have dental appointment and I think she is going to tell me when I can remove my braces. OH YEAH 😀

Till the next time /salutes/



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