Would you let me see beneath your beautiful. Would you let me see beneath your perfect.

Currently addicted to that song. Beneath Your Beautiful Labrinth ft Emeli Sanders. He’s an amazing rapper and well an even more amazing singer.  But anyways back to my post.

1) 7.06.13 (Friday)

Yue Wen’s birthday outing. It was pretty fun. We saw the movie Now You See Me and it is pretty great. I loved it actually. It was confusing but understandable at the same time and it kept us guessing right till the end. No spoilers but totally did not expect the ending and it was a complete twist. Lunch was funny with our fail attempt at singing happy birthday with the 3 cupcakes from 12 cupcakes. Christina and her Milo and of course her not-so-sneeky attempts at taking pictures of her ‘otps’. Wei Lynn , the tall smart-ass, thought it would be fantastic to buy 2 family combos and so naturally we bought 4 gigantic cokes and 2 even more gigantic tubs (?) of popcorn. Safe to say, we did not finish them all. I think overall Yue Wen had fun and I guess that matters the most 😀

2) 11.06.13 (Today)

I can feel my teeth again. Braces came off today. Just came back actually. Went to the dentist, got my braces removed and then my sister treated me to Java Chip Frap from Star Bucks at Wilkie Edge. It was fun spending some time with her alone. It’s been awhile. Anyways, I think I look pretty different but hopefully (?) better. Fingers crossed. Getting my retainers tomorrow though but I think I’m okay with that because I am quite willing to keep my teeth straight forever.

Other than that nothing much has happened in the past few days. Went furniture shopping for the new house. I never knew it was so hard. So many options. So hard to choose.But all that’s left is a desk I think and the basics of my room is more or less complete.  Read Looking for Alaska and I must admit that I cried. It is so sad but I think if John Green did not kill her (Am I spoiling it?) It would have totally killed the book so I thought is was necessary though I am going to probably re-read it after a few months maybe to fully understand and digest the book.

Okay well, that’s it for now. I have started packing (Finally!) but there is less than I thought but still a lot so I’m going to continue now. 😀


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