If people were rain, I was drizzle and he was a hurricane.


Went out with my new neighbour 😀 Just basically walked around. Got pretty cool earnings and rings.  So I’m quite excited about that. (: Simar is Simar and well she is basically like my best friend so it’s always freaking fun to hang out with her. I think living near her is like one of the things I am most excited about ^^ Oh and plus I can completely exploit her right now.


So I have decided that if you don’t bother about our friendship, I won’t either. I’m not going to bother with you. I’m always initiating conversations and suggesting that we should meet up and all that. I mean it’s just basically these two people who are like that.  I’m making an effort and I’m trying because frankly our friendships mean a lot to me. But I’m done with you guys. Just done. So if you don’t hear from me any more, don’t wonder why. I won’t pretend. If  I’m talking about  you, you’ll know. I won’t confuse you


I’ve been in a pretty funny and bipolar mood I don’t know why. I don’t know. I’ve been pretty depressed about life and stuff. Hormones and all that I guess.But I’m getting pretty sick of the nightmares.


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