We’re all wonderful,wonderful people. So when did we all become so fearful?

Just want to say sorry if you were the unlucky few people who heard me complain about my birthday being on the first day of term 3. I realised that I probably sounded like a whiny bitch and well, birthday’s aren’t such a big deal so I shouldn’t have made it seem all that important. So I’m sorry that you had to hear me complain.

So I’m shifting this Saturday. I guess, it finally hits you that you are not going to be coming home to the same home any more. Everything will be different. I don’t like change. In fact I don’t work well with change. It takes me a long time to adjust. So though I am extremely excited to shift, I am dreading the weird feelings of unfamiliarity and uncomfortable-ness I’m going to get. My house is in a complete mess and though almost everything is packed, it is as though there is still a ton of things that still needs to be packed. It’s kind of funny actually. I really don’t want to unpack. I’m just going to try and live out of the cartons. Though I’m sure dearest Simar will come and help me unpack. 😀 My new house is at a location I’m not so happy about. I was but now I’m not really. Besides Simar, there are actually many other people I know who live in that area and let’s just say I may not be a fan of a few of them.

I been pretty out of it lately. I don’t know. I can’t sleep at night and nightmares are too often so this kind of sucks. I haven’t been talking to the people I want to talk to but I’m so tired of everything or even bothering that I just rather pretend that I’m just not available.  It’s been one of those weeks where I rather be alone. So sorry if I’ve been rather cold lately. Anyways, I’m going to continue studying so till the next time /Salutes/


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