Just did some quick calculations and it turns out that you are full of shit.

So anyways, short post. Created an ask/fm.  http://ask.fm/Simran152 . Is it really surprising? Idk I’m not really the type to do this sort of thing but wanted to give it a shot. But then I got thinking. What kind of type am I? I come up blank. Ever since my aunt asked me who I was. I’ve been trying to think of an answer. I mean I’m me. Who else can I be but me. But the thing is who is me? And it’s very frustrating cause I just keep ending up with negative things because I’m afraid of acknowledging the positive ones because I’m starting to slowly believe that they are hardly true. So I’m getting a bit pissed at myself for all that. I don’t know. I’m annoying myself. I don’t know if it gets any weirder than that.


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