Gardens by the bay outing and Saltimbanco

I am kinda half dead right now and all my posts are kinda flitty and random and full of repetitive words and also kinda bimbo-tic and squealy at points. Please bear with me:D

Gardens by the bay outing –

So we (About 7 of us + trainer and teacher)  left school with the teacher and professional trainer  at around 4.. reached there about 4.30? Walked around and took pictures until like 8.30.. The place was really nice and big.. I loved it and the weather yesterday wasn’t like scorching how and there was wind so it wasn’t too bad but then again the sky was super hazy and cloudy so the background of some pictures look white.  I had to lug two tripods and my school bag everywhere.  That was damn tiring. Sigh /: So I treated everyone Texas Chicken fries during our break time because I felt nice. Haha okay. Then professional trainer gave us his fries toooo 😀 So nice! We basically took my pictures of everything and then we went on this bridge and set up a tripod to take pictures of the light show. The light show was really nice and the pictures came out quite nice.. Our trainer lend us his fish eyed lens so some pictures look really nice.. I am quite happy about that 😀 I think it was a great experience and I want to definitely go back to practice my photography… Anyone want to come with me? Went to my cousins house after that. There was some sort of tradition that we needed to do yesterday. Yeah. I think I told many of you guys about it alr. I got like nearly $400 😀 So I guess in a way, it was worth it 😀 Reached home at about 10.30 yeah . I was dead tired.


That is the name of the circus I went to see. A really cool circus okay 😀 They were acrobats and everything. Like seriously it was like  a circus. So cool okay 😀 It is kinda hard to describe but like they were very interactive with the audience.They asked this guy to stand on a chair and then they asked him to raise his hands and then one of them removed his shirt and threw to the other end of the stadium. But he was like some damn good looking Caucasian guy with like 6 pacs so it was fine and very pleasant to see 😀 Haha then they flipped this lady and carried her everywhere.. So funny 😀  The stunts and stuff were all really impressive and cool.  There was like juggling which was damn damn cool.There was a mime and all those kind of circus stuff. Damn awesome and some parts were really funny. They were all dressed as clowns and stuff and well, it is a circus. A real life circus!!!!Seriously, it was worth every cent 😀 I don’t mind seeing it again.. HAHA. 😀

Pictures 😀  (The first one is Limelight picture that I found.. Erm then the next 3 are the Saltimbanco and the rest are gardens by the bay 😀



My name is I. My problem is love. My solution is you.

Warning : Post contains rants.

teach·er   [tee-cher] Show IPA
a person who teaches or instructs, especially as a profession; instructor.

Seems like all teachers are out to get me today. Here we go.

– Photography teacher:  You dislike me because of an email Anusha sent. I had nothing to do with it. But you somehow assume I was involved. This happened at the start of last year but you still dislike me for it. I am so sorry I put in so much effort in CCA. I am so sorry I am one of the few who actually likes CCA and photography. I am so sorry I join many competitions. I do all of that and but just because  I missed CCA  on Monday you become so rude to me. I was sick and even gave the MC to the other teacher already and I even emailed my senior about it. So who are you to be so rude to me 😦 Seriously. Why are you so eager to catch me when I  fail? I am seriously trying. But hey, what’s the point huh? I still get all this shit from you.

– Geog Teacher: Seriously la. I was just slow okay . I am sorry I was trying to do my geog carefully. I do pay attention and everything because I do want to do well for geog. I actually studied for the test and everything . And then today the w/s you accuse me of copying. Bloody hell. Why single me out? Every other person was discussing and the point is I WASN’T EVEN COPYING. Seriously man. Now he doesn’t like me too. Geeez. Last time also. The whole bloody class was talking  and then you single me out again . So unfair.

– English teacher.

Thank you and being so on task  ;p
well done!
__________ .
and this
Dear 2g2
Please group your gp  according to their IC groups on VGLF.  YOu are to discuss as a group and only one representative will “speak” on the main chat window.
CAn you select your spokeperson and group yourselves on VGLF?
Simran : can you create the gps? If you can’t, you need to give me thename list of the stds acc to IC gps.
Are you an English teacher? Yes? but then why is your English so crappy? Bloody hell. Why can’t you just type and talk properly? You seriously wonder why no one respects you. You can’t even speak or write the subject you are teaching. Do you expect us to actually think you are qualified to teach us? Do you think we will actually listen to you? Seriously, we should teach you.
– Form teacher
Why are you even a teacher? You come in to class and scold everyone. You shout at everyone. You just complain about how sucky our class is and everything but you don’t do anything about it. ‘Oh I am such a good teacher’  Bullshit la. How can you even say that about yourself. Have you seen yourself? Have you looked at yourself in the damn mirror. You know what ? I can probably rant about you forever but  you are not even worth my ranting time.
– Math teacher
#1 ‘I care for your class. I really like your class. I chose your class. ‘  B to U to the double LL to the SHIT. Come on. You can write to C2 some long long farewell email and then you don’t even bother to say bye to us. You were so fake. Maybe we did not express so much emotion to you leaving but we did host a farewell party for you and even gave you a gift and everything. We did ask you not to go and all that but heck care right? C2 is the only class that deserve my results. Why? Because they did well, they produced results. Ah. Screw you la.
#2 Pout is all you do. My god. Which teacher pouts? Oh wait. You. Seriously, we are not in kindergarten. Bloody hell. You finished the whole chapter in a week and I was absent for half of it. I asked to explain to me and you read off the notes. Thankyou. You totally enlightened me. I  read the notes my self and I obviously did not understand them which is why I asked you right? Ugh.
Ending of with 2 funny gifs:D

“I am not in love. This is not my heart. I am not gonna to waste these words about a girl” – The Academy Is…

Welcome back to my blog. Does my theme entice you just as it does to me? Come on! Balloons! Who the hell can resist balloons?

So anyways, I found the Science test difficult and tricky even though so many people said it was easy. Sigh /: Okay nvm nothing I can do about it now ~

Today was a pretty boring day. Dental appointment and then tuition today . So there is this guy. This really cute, guitar playing guy in my tuition. He smells so nice. NO I DID NOT SNIFF HIM SIMAR. But still he smelt nice 🙂 He is so tall and cute and muscular and he is ahhhhhhhhh. Cuteness overload.  Then went to the hawker centre for dinner. Had hor fun < I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SPELL OKAY. But it was damn nice 😀 I can live on it!

Got damn pissed off today. < But that shall be mentioned in another post~ I SHALL LOCK THE POST. Don’t mind me okay.. I just find this whole locking thing and my balloon theme really cool xD I am lame like that ^^ Been feeling a ton of mixed emotions these few days and I guess I have been lashing out a few people and for that I am sorry. Okay I am really tired rn.. Mt school tmrw. Sigh 3 compos for hw. I have done 2. So she should be happy okay! Yesh I am damn damn damn damn slack in mt school. The school is a joke okay. Damn fail sia ~ Okay good bye 😀

Some cool pictures 😀

I want to go to New York ❤


A cool fact 😀

I feel like eating this . YUMMY

You ignite all the colours inside my heart.

Well, hi (:

I am using wordpress now. Isn’t it cool. I think my theme is damn cool 😀 BALLOONS!!!!!!!

I am in quite a good mood as my CCA got cancelled today and I did not have CCA this whole week 😀 School was also okay . It was damn slack today and I was damn hyper. I think it was the caffeine from the coffee I drank. But anyways. I was damn happy can.  However, I feel damn stressed out right now. Tomorrow there is Science and English test. And for all the Chinese students, there is Chinese oral. Good luck guys. So many things to do, so little time. Sigh /:Oh well, we shall SURVIVE 😀

I am really looking forward to this Sunday. Got tickets to watch Cirque De Sole . Going with my family. Quite excited. Was quite scared at first. < Me + Clowns = My worst nightmare . Freakishly scared of them. /Shudders. Oh the horror.  But Jie Qi confirmed there are no clowns (: I shall post a post (Haha) when I come home on Sunday.  Long day tomorrow. Dental appointment at 4 then tuition.. Should only reach home at like 7.30. But nvm. Should be okay la.

Crezawards :

Met Joy, Mun Cheng , Yue Wen and Wei Lynn at Tiong for dinner .. We had Thai Express where I had my green curry balls… SO NICE 😀 Then erm went back to school … Crezawards was nice and everything.. Hahaha and Christine and Christina were damn awesome together! Then erm yeah.. The it people there made alot of mistakes.. those DJS and all. So annoying sia… We were damn happy that day.. It was so fun … Sigh I don’t remember much about that night right now.. Brain too cramped with science stuff alr ~

Picture 😀



Limelight was on Tuesday and it was damn awesome. I think they played really awesome and it so cool sia, they have been invited 3 years alr!  Okay anyways… Joy came to my house after school and then  yeah there was awkwardness with my mum and stuff. Hahaha but it was damn funny. And then errrr, yeah we studied then left at 5 .. We were supposed to wait for Alison at Bedok MRT but then the both of us stupidly got on the train so then we waited for Alison at Kembangan. Joy was wearing this skirt thing and she looked like a nurse LOL and Alison . My oh my was wearing a red dress. Hahaha. They both looked nice if I say so myself. Then we reached plaza sing and walked like 10 rounds to find the toilet. Then we went to Yoshinoya where we met Yue Wen . Me and Alison had Gong Cha and I shared with Yue Wen this tereyaki set meal thing. The peas thing was so funny. Yue Wen’s one flew like everywhere and even to the next table. Then we went to get Wei Yee’s stocking when I found out that I has accidentally ripped my sisters’ stocking. There was this huge hole at my knee. So embarrassing okay. Then okay we got the gift and then went to city hall where we walked/ran all the way to esplanade. Damn long walk!  We saw so many seniors. SO EMBARRASSING. I WAS WEARING A DAMN DRESS BECAUSE OF JOELLE AND GOT MY PICTURE TAKEN BY SO MANY SENIORS. Then we went in and then sat down and then waved to a ton of people and then yeah. Damn annoying sia. There was no signal in the place. AND THEN RIGHT SARAH AND THEY ALL WERE LATE OKAY. We were so afraid they wouldn’t be allowed to enter. Hmmm and then the concert was great and stuff and then had to walk all the way back.. and then went to Novena to meet my parents. I silly-ly got of at Newton instead of Novena and I was damn scared. The place was deserted and the next train was like 10 minutes away.. Sigh okay then a damn long walk from Novena to united square where I met my parents and sister and we went home. Yeah that was my day. Oh yeah! Yue Wen  still haven’t return me my shirt.

Sigh okay. My phone is done charging. I shall try to update more often ~:D